Everytime I have sat down to blog in the last few days, I don’t finish. I’d start a thought, but wouldn’t follow it out. I just didn’t feel like typing, thinking, or just being up. Today is a different day. I woke up feeling so ‘wow’, lol. Now, my body still has aches, but as far as the cold ? It’s leaving! I’m very thankful for the prayers that our God has heard on my behalf. I’m definitely having a better day today than any day I had this week.

Yesterday was my first time really getting out of the house since Wednesday afternoon. It seemed so bright outside. Butterflies were out. The sun was bright. There was a very slight breeze. It was nice and cool outside. It did me a ton of good being out there. I only left the house to go and get a sandwich, but it was a very beneficial excursion. Do not underestimate the benefits of fresh air, a hot shower, and rest! I took a hot shower last night and when I got out, I danced, lol. It helped out with the pain, stiffness, AND my cold. Top that off with the good rest I’ve been getting these past few days, and I’m feeling great. Not 100%, but almost… almost!

The one bad thing is that I have lost about 6 or 7 pounds. I need to fix that. I have been drinking a lot of water, but have not eaten enough food. Even now, as I type this, my stomach is growling like a bear cub, lol. I want a good salad…. or even some good Mexican food!

I have quite a bit to blog about, but first, I need to do some reading and some eating.

Grace and peace.


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