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Sitting here debating whether I want to drink some hot tea or continue to drink this barely cold water in my plastic cup. I have clothes washing, hour 2 of Way of the Master’s 2/22 show playing, and thoughts running through my mind. I want an apple. Hmm… Earlier I wanted guacamole. I’m just having a grand ol’ day of indecisiveness, eh ?

I’ve been reading and posting at a new board lately – The Puritan Board. It’s so refreshing to have edifying conversations with fellow believers. From what I have seen, the administration of PB is very tight, so I can almost rest assured that the remainder of my time there will continue to be edifying. Today, I learned a few things in a thread that I posted and I gained some very valuable insight from my brother Scotty as well.

Sometimes reading the news can be very depressing, but I believe it also gives you things to pray about… such as the 2 murder / suicides in Connecticut this past weekend, the 24 year old Broncos running back that died in front of his wife and child, and the salvation of Farrakhan.

I have a doctor’s appointment in approximately 9 hours. I can’t wait til it’s over already. I always feel so vulnerable and so exposed when I visit a doctor. I’m poked and prodded, asked personal questions… I always feel like, “Yikes!” when I’m there. The poking and prodding ? Used to it. I was born with Multiple Ventricular Septal Defects (holes in my heart) and had closed heart surgery at 6 months and open heart surgery at 1 year. Every other year until I was about 18, I had EKGs done to make sure everything was still going well. Whether I was getting ears pierced or teeth cleaned, I had to take antibiotics. I don’t do it anymore and I’m okay. Much later, I’m okay. I pray the Lord, in His grace, will continue to keep me so. I just pray this visit to my doctor goes well.

I pray this is a day that I yield to the Holy Spirit’s work in my life. Well, I pray that all days are. God be glorified.

Holy Spirit Asset Transfer

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