After being at the doctor’s all day, I was sitting on the couch at home, exhausted, flipping through the television stations. ‘Reba’ was on so I thought, “I actually like this show”, and started watching it. It was an episode about the Hurricane Katrina victims. I never thought I’d say this about ‘Reba’, but that is an EXTREMELY racist episode, and I’m surprised the editors let this one through. Basically, Reba took in some Katrina victims – approximately 20 – and all of a sudden, Barbara Jean started talking ignorantly. It offended me because it came across as though Black people are ignorant, incapable of speaking correctly, and just plain stupid. Barbara Jean, a tall blonde, suddenly was wearing Rocawear clothing and had her hair cornrowed. “Okaaaaaaaaay, girlfriend!” “Yuknowhatimsayin” “Nu uh no you di-int”… It was offensive. One of the other characters made a comment that she sent Felicia and another of the Black girls to get some hair extensions. According to this link and this link, I wasn’t the only one. I’m very disappointed. I’m tired of Black people being portrayed in a negative manner. We’re constantly shown to be stupid, illiterate, ignorant, and incapable of grammatically correct conversations. Apparently, we all wear hip hop clothing, cornrows and hair weaves, and can go a month without washing our hair.

I really wanted to cry. It’s a shame that, even in 2007, ‘jokes’ like that are made and no one GETS IT. Few understand that it’s offensive because it’s so accepted. Even when I’ve been around people of other races, they talk to me as if I don’t understand articulate speech. Then there is the reverse. I get strange looks because I love rock music. I get called a ‘white girl’ by my own race because I don’t listen to the secular rap on the radio. And then there’s the time I was called colored by an older White woman who acted shocked that it was something WRONG with that who said “What do you want me to call you then ?” It’s so sickening.

Sorry for my little rant.


2 thoughts on “Racism

  1. Asia says:

    You are so right sis. Many shows today are racist. I’ve seen Shark Tale and one of this fish was supposed to be black. It had a big mouth, and it was classified to be lower of lows in the fish community. Its crazy how racist people are. I saw a cartoon I think it was Lady and the Tramp. They show the cats in the movie to portray Chinese people. The cats were manipulative, talking about ppl. Trying to refer to Chinese ppl. I never noticed this until I got to my Pop Cultur Lit. class. I was very surprised.

  2. Ndidi says:

    Late, I know, but I haven’t been able to keep up with anything for a month. Ok, now, if there’s one thing we need it’s a positive portrayal of black people in the media. All these rappers’ videos and supposedly black TV shows are not helping. Black women are not always looking for a man and can’t survive without one…and there are many other messages out there. If we had positive portrayals, then it would be good. But no, we have people on TV that are still stuck in their ignorant ways. I understand the white girl label – both African-American and Nigerian society have called me that…but that’s the way I behave. I love rock – so what? I don’t have time to be listening to ignorant rappers all day. I speak articulately – so what? I have two other languages under my belt and I’d rather speak them all fluently like they were supposed to be spoken.
    Currently, America has put me in an identity crisis. And I am sick of it.

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