Is Britney Spears the Prodigal Daughter?

I couldn’t buy the image of her as a sexual diva, a slithering temptress. It seemed an image that old men and young boys wanted but not one based in reality. During the past several years as her music became coarser and her sexuality even more overt I couldn’t buy it. It felt faker than people said her virginity talk ever was. The toll it took on her own soul, however, was real.

Now there is this runaway, this breakdown, the shaved head, the tattoos, the parties and the presumed drugs. And it all makes me wonder if the lost, little girl who now has two little boys isn’t trying to do whatever she can to get back to who she once was. I wonder if she’s looked at the pictures of her onstage kissing Madonna and writhing around on the floor and felt much as the prodigal son felt when he found himself lying in a pig sty. Britney’s sty may be different – more luxe and less slop – but the self-loathing, hopeless destination is the same. They both reached the end of the of the glam road and discovered it looked a lot like hell.


I feel so sad for her. I really do. I know what she needs, but maybe she doesn’t see what she needs, or if she does, maybe she doesn’t know how to get to Him. And what is making it worse is that people are really RIDING her. The media and entertainment news are contributing to her detriment. I wish that they’d leave her alone. I do find it interesting that she has a cross on her hip. Maybe it’s prophetic in a sense with similarities to Jacob in Genesis 32. Maybe, maybe not. I’m praying for her though. It’s so obvious that the ‘life’ has taken, and is taking, its toll on her young self.


2 thoughts on “Is Britney Spears the Prodigal Daughter?

  1. Lrogers says:

    I have been praying for her also.
    I know sometimes we forget that celebs are people to and we are so quick to judge them and make fun of them, when we should be lifting them up in prayer. We don’t know what’s really going on in their lives. I think the media de-humanizes(is that word) celebs and makes there lives a living circus.

  2. I think she is crying for help badly . She’s God’s Daugther as well as me & you. I truly pray that Britney Spears meets the Lord very soon . And she’s a human being jus like anybody else. Saints We gotta pray 4 Britney and others and forgive them, Having mercy. Like Christ did me & you.

    Till Then….


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