Get Ya Weight UP!

There’s a popular slang saying that says, “Get ya weight up”. What this basically means is to becoming more experienced or learned in a certain area or subject. So in the area of apologetics, I definitely need to get my weight up. While I can go to a certain extent, there does come a time when I just get frustrated because to ME, I can so clearly see the Truth and I can’t see why others don’t.

A few days ago, I was feeling depressed so I jokingly said to the Lord – “I need some Jehovah’s Witnesses to come along so I can debate”. Now, I know this may sound kind of off to some, but I love discussing the Truth of the Bible. I’m zealous when it comes to that. Anyhow, this morning, after getting only about 5 hours of sleep, I woke up. I was having this really interesting dream, lol. I was sitting at the computer when I heard the doorbell ring. I was in my robe, hair was not really looking presentable, and I hadn’t showered yet (I know, I know, lol). I looked out the window and didn’t see a car, but I heard voices. I looked out the peep hole in the door and saw two older women. I had a feeling about it, so I ran to my room, threw on some sweats, a headrag, and a tee shirt. I opened the door and saw a Watchtower stuck in the gate. I was excited! I walked outside and asked one of the ladies if it was theirs and she said that it was. I gave it back to her, explained that I was a Christian, and that I didn’t need that. She took it back and continued walking with the other 3 ladies she was with. I ran back inside, looked up some information at CARM, grabbed my Bible, went back outside, hopped in my car, and drove up the street to where the ladies were. I stopped and asked them what their beliefs were based on. We went back and forth about Jesus not being God, Him being a created being, Him being ‘a god’, the Holy Spirit being ‘God at the force’, and how the Trinity is a fallacy. These are all things they believed. Now, I went through the Bible with them, talked about the original manuscript, asked them why theirs is the only Bible that translates John 1:1 incorrectly (word was a god), discussed predestination, discussed Jesus being God. They told me that people have to ask for the Holy Spirit and that we seek God although I explained to them that the Scriptures say that no one seeks God (Romans 3:11) and no one can come to Christ unless the Father draws them (John 6:44). I asked them how they reconciled that with what they just said.

We went back and forth for about 20 minutes until one of the women finally cut the conversation off by saying that it was nice talking to me and that they would continue to believe what they believe and that I could continue to believe what I believe. I told them I’d pray that the Lord opens their eyes to the Truth of the Gospel. There was a point where I got a bit too passionate and somewhat banged on the steering wheel to make a point *ahem*. I have to watch my passion when it comes to that because it can easily go in the direction of just wanting to be right and not wanting them to be saved.

I really do love Apologetics. I have a passion for Missions and a passion for Apologetics. I wonder if I can combine the two. Either way, I need to ‘get my weight up’ so that I can properly share the Truth in a manner of love without the flesh that just wants to be right.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been discussing school and career paths with my brother Damon. So the desire to move to Philly isn’t as solid as it was. Although I do want to move from Texas, it may not be Philly. I know many people there, which makes the thought of living there even more attractive, but I’ve been thinking over it lately and coming to grips with the fact that it may NOT be where the Lord wants me at this time. So keep me in prayer as I consider other options. I do believe in the providential and permissive Will of God so as I make moves and fill out applications and plan, I will be in prayer.

Yesterday, I sorted out my CD list into categories. I’m like that. I love organization and I love making lists. My books are lined up by height on my shelves, and I can’t stand when they are out of place.

If anyone comes and messes with my books and puts one where it doesn’t belong, it irritates me, lol, and indeed, I need the Lord’s grace in this area because something so minor should not bother me.

Today’s been an eventful day. I even cooked dinner. Who said I wasn’t domesticated ? Ha! Kidding, kidding.

I will end this by saying happy birthday to one of the greatest men I personally know who is a true friend and a true man of God – Mac the Doulos. Yea, boyeeeeee! LOL!


One thought on “Get Ya Weight UP!

  1. Czarina says:

    Yeah those Jehovahs Witness are a great way to encourage one to study and “get your weight up”. At least the ones you spoke to LET you speak (remembering my interaction with a couple J Dubbs).

    Seems from my experience that they beat people into submission until they believe as they (JWs) do, OR they just blow you off altogether. Which ever the case, its still a rather good (though exhausting) conversation.

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