I stayed home from work yesterday due to dealing with chest pains induced by stress. I know that’s not healthy, but right now, at 3:49a, I feel better. My job is stressful and life has been stressful as of late, so in an attempt to back off ONE of the sources, I called in. There’s a chance I could get fired, but no job is worth sending me to the hospital. While I am way too young (26 years old) to suffer from stress, I am used to it. I really would love to not work for corporate America. I would love to be self employed or employed with a company that brings me joy. I’ve long known corporate America wasn’t the place for me. The temptation to hand in my 2 weeks notice is great, but I have no other job opportunity in sight. So, there lies the dilemma. Do I hand it in and just trust God to sustain me ? Or do I stay ? After all, I have bills to pay — car note, insurance, phone — and I wouldn’t like very much for my baby to get repossessed.

While home yesterday, I was listening to KCBI which, for the most part, has some pretty solid teachers on its programing. And who can be mad when they have John MacArthur on TWICE a day ? I heard the teachings of Dr. David Jeremiah (and I really liked the lesson he taught) and also got to hear Joshua Harris talk about dating and courtship on James Dobson’s Focus on the Family show. He gave some really good advice on so many things. He talked about how sometimes, when a woman has interest in a man, she thinks she needs to let him know, how to guard your heart during courtship, and more. I actually downloaded the show from yesterday through his Itunes podcast. Though I am not subscribed to Dobson’s podcast, I snagged the 3 episodes on dating. Very good stuff for the single woman / man to hear.

My best friend and I saw The Last Sin Eater yesterday. Though, to me, it left a few things to be desired, it was overall a pretty good movie. I shed a few tears (yea yea yea) and I think I heard Latoya sniffling too lol. I am usually not too keen on a lot of production companies that advertise themselves to be ‘Christian’, but FoxFaith seems to be solid.

FoxFaith Movies is the Christian moviegoer’s online guide to current and upcoming faith-based theatrical releases from FoxFaith. FoxFaith is a new branded distribution label from Twentieth Century Fox, created to house and distribute its growing portfolio of morally-driven, family-friendly programming. To be part of Fox Faith, a movie has to have overt Christian Content or be derived from the work of a Christian author.

I pray the standards are always upheld.

While I was on OnePlace yesterday, I came across a broadcaster that is in my area. The name of the church is Park Cities Presbyterian (PCA) and it is about 15 minutes away from me. I’ll be visiting soon and prayerfully, my search for a new church home will end. The last church I attended was Oak Cliff Bible, and while I never felt ‘home’ there, I went because I needed to be in church. Before that, I attended a charismatic, very doctrinally errant church which I will not name. A megachurch, I’d go every Sunday to be exposed to, what seemed to my eyes, to be a circus. Although I didn’t feel home THERE, I thought maybe I was just not believing the right thing. How wrong could I have been! Thankfully, I came across Kerry that time back, who the Lord used to open my eyes to the heretical modalism the church teaches. And even with Oak Cliff, I’m not too fond of Evans’ transdispensationalism either. I always joke with my friends that the problem I have here in Texas is finding a solid church nearby, but if I moved to Philly, my problem would be narrowing it down to ONE! So far, I’m loving Tenth, Epiphany, and CLF. I am subscribed to their podcasts and I really value the teaching they put forth. I have been visiting some solid churches here (and by SOME, I mean TWO, lol), but nothing that just says, DING! While I desire a Reformed church, I also desire a church that is HEAVY on evangelism, community outreach, and missions. That is not an easy task to accomplish. I believe that, in the Reformed church, there is not much of a focus on evangelism and missions, and this should DEFINITELY change. May we not horde the goodness of GOD to ourselves.

I think I will crawl back into my cozy bed now. I can still get about 3 more hours of sleep. What a delicious thought.


3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Mike says:

    I know it’s not in Philly, but check some of the sermons from the church I found in Gaithersburg, MD.

  2. Jenn says:

    Peep the podcast page. I already am subscribed. I like Josh Harris… but thanks, Mike. 🙂

  3. Josh Hicks says:

    Apart from the Charismatic ventures, I can identify with your need to find a new church. Speaking of Dr. Evans, I’ve gone to Oak Cliff one time. My ex wife was best friends with one of the girls that sang back up for Kirk F., and she was also good friends with Tony’s son, Anthony. Anyway, we all went out there one weekend. It’s a small world. I, too, am diconcerted with Evans’ transdispensationlism…it’s quite disturbing. MacArthur is definitely one of my favorites, though I don’t share his eschatological outlook. Josh Harris is indeed a refreshing voice amongst the dating advocates of this day…those even within the Christian church. I’ve benefitted from his books, and now I look forward to checking out the old Puritan William Gouge’s work on family matters. Anyway, Godspeed to your endeavors on finding a Reformed and Biblical church soon.

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