The Tie That Binds

I have been thinking about marriage a lot lately, and not in the “Oh Lord I need a husband, find me a husband, Lord please, I need a man” way either. I just look forward to the ministry of marriage. I look forward to having children, being a helpmeet, supporting my husband. I look forward to prayers and Bible studies when we’re courting. Being a single woman is nice, but there are times when I think it would be nice to have a companion.

I really want to do this the right way whenever it happens. So long I have been looking forward to the friendship, the intentions being made known by him, starting that road, Bible studies, and times of prayer. That will be an exciting time in my life. I even look forward to the business of wedding day preparations! No Bridezilla here though, lol.

I look forward to raising and having children. Childbirth is so amazing to me. Wow. A spermatozoon and an egg meet. This spermatozoa race to the waiting egg and ONE makes it. And then it penetrates this egg and over the course of 9 months, life is formed! This little ‘blob’ turns into a human being. Eyes, mouth, hands, FINGERS to GRASP! Absolutely amazing. The Lord is truly preeminent and without ONE SINGLE peer. No one comes close to the depths of His creativity. Follicles are there; hair grows one by one – THOUSANDS of them. DNA is written on EVERY single cell. UNIQUE DNA that NO ONE has. How amazing is THAT! And to think all of that will prayerfully be going on in me some day is a miracle within itself.

It’s an exciting thing to anticipate, and I do pray that is the Will of God that I am married someday. I don’t know when or where he is, but I do pray for my husband nightly – that he’s encouraged, experiencing God’s grace in its fullness, being filled with Godly, Scriptural wisdom, that whatever he is struggling with is broken for the Glory of God. I pray that he’s acknowledging God’s peace no matter what he’s dealing with. So yea, I look forward to meeting this guy to tell him these things. I pray he’s encouraged in Christ. I really do.

That’s enough ‘mushiness’ from me today. đŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “The Tie That Binds

  1. Rachel says:

    Awww…I understand. ;-> I’m glad to see that you’re so sure about what you want, and that you are consistent in asking for it. God’s will be done, and I just wanna let you know that I pray for you about that, too. Bless you, Jenny-Jenn-Jenn.

  2. Keziah says:

    That’s a lovely post! We are thinking along very similar lines!

  3. Asia says:

    I will be praying for u sis. Nice to know you know what you want. I will be praying. God Bless u sis. Luv ya

  4. Hey sis, great post. The ministry of family and marriage is something that I think we all do start to take more seriously as we grow to understand better how to be content in our singleness.

    The last part of your post reminds me of the wife in the movie Taking the Giants and how she supported and prayed for her husband when he was at it breaking point. Lord knows all us guys want a woman like that, but want so much more to be that guy in whom our wife knows that we have already placed out trust in God despite what things look like – trusting Him completely to perform in our lives as His Word has spoken.

  5. Aaron says:

    its nice to see women that actually know what they want… i guess not all women are the same afterall and its nice to see respect in a women and its nice to know women have these kinds of feelings im not meaning to sound mean by what im saying cause im not… im just saying its nice to know that there are women out there that know what they want

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