How Great is Our God!

Guess where I will be Friday night!!!?!?!

Chris Tomlin
Fri, Feb 2, 2007 08:00 PM

YAY!!! I logged onto MySpace to see this bulletin from Chris Tomlin:

Date: Feb 1, 2007 12:34 AM
Subject tickets for dallas concert!
Body: 500 more tickets have been released for the dallas date of the tour! tell your friends, tell anyone you can think of. if you dont have a ticket now, heres your chance to grab one. hope to see you there.

With Chris being one of my absolute FAVORITE musicians, I do not know how I didn’t know he was coming to Dallas! So, what did I do !? I went to and BOUGHT a ticket! I am going by myself, but – IT IS CHRIS TOMLIN!

So of course, very few people have ever seen me this ecstatic, but man… Ecstatic is not even the word to describe how I feel right now at 1:20a. Ha! And I also found out tonight that the not at fault accident I had in Aug 2005 (that showed on my accident report as ‘at fault’ because of the odd situation it was) is NOW showing as NOT AT FAULT! PRAISE GOD!


I can’t sleep now! Maybe this is good! So… what shall I do ? STUDY! YEA!


3 thoughts on “How Great is Our God!

  1. Frannie says:

    This is awesome girl!! I love Chris Tomlin, he is definitely anointed. If I lived by you, I’d go with you! 😀

    Praise God about the change of who’s at fault. Isn’t He awesome? See how He always somehow shows us favor. Man!! I love Him so much!! 😀

    God bless you sis, Love ya!

  2. Can you sneak in a recorder/video for me? lol…seriously! 😉

  3. Ndidi says:

    Yay!!! Where is he performing? Could you give a link? Puh-lease!

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