Who Is Like Our Lord ?

Last night, I had the chance to listen to 1.5 great sermons. Haha. Yes 1.5. I listened to the first one – Who Is Like Our Lord? by Aaron Messner at Tenth Presbyterian. Based on Psalm 113, it was a beautiful look into what shapes our worldview. Although I don’t have my notes here with me at work (And I am on break, so no, I am not being a sluggard haha), he stated that he’d suggest the worldview is based on 3 things:

1 – Is there a God ?
2 – If so, what is He like ?
3 – What does He want from me ?

The sermon was just wonderful. I wish I lived in Philly so that I could hear that great expository preaching in person. I have typed up my notes on that sermon here.

The second sermon, of which I heard half, was by Xavier Pickett, co founder of Reformed Blacks of America. The title of that sermon is God’s Faithfulness in Bleakness based on Genesis 16. From what I was able to hear, it was also a very well preached sermon. I have a habit of listening to music and sermons as I fall asleep and while I am asleep, so this was the one I was falling asleep to. I will have to be sure to listen to it in its entirety today.

Soli DEO Gloria.


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