Today I had a chance to witness to a young man that I grew up with. We grew up living at opposite ends of the street. In the summer, my brothers and I were always at his house or he was always at ours. I will never forget – One summer, we were in my parents’ backyard and I busted his lip. I’m still quite proud of myself for that one. I popped him ‘good’! And you know, til this very day, he makes up some excuse as to why I was able to successfully pop him in the lip.

While in the neighborhood today, I saw him as I drove to my parents’ house. A few months ago, his grandmother had died so, with that in mind, I turned around to ask him how his grandfather was doing. When I drove back, he was no longer outside, so I parked and went up to the door. He answered, I went in, and there was his grandfather sitting in the living room, writing out checks and paying bills. We talked for a while about quite a few things. I told him about my desire to be a missionary to children and he asked me what my major was. I explained to him that the last school I attended was Criswell, where my major was Biblical Studies, but my minor was Evangelism and Missions. That was followed by this question — “Do you want to become a preacher ?”

“Oh noooooo, I don’t believe women should pastor”
“Well we have some women pastors at our church and bishops as well”
“Oh… Well.. Yea…”

And then I changed the subject! I wasn’t ready to get into a theological conversation about the matter! We talked about my moving to the East Coast, my family, his diabetes, and a few more things. I wanted to get home because I was hungry, tired, and ready to study. As I was leaving, his grandson walked me out. Earlier, when on the way in, he’d told me about a classmate that was shot and killed last week so I took the opportunity to ask him what happened. He said that he was selling drugs and gangbanging and had gotten into a fight at a club some weeks back where he broke someone’s jaw. This surprised me because, even though he wasn’t necessarily a stand-up guy in high school, he was still pretty average. He was on the football team and so on. As we walked, I told D that we have to make sure we make the right decisions in life because you never know when your time is. We talked about heaven and hell and he took the time to inform me that he goes to church, pays tithes, was ‘saved’, and isn’t as bad as he used to be… but then said, “I’m worldly”.

“You think the Lord cares if you go to church and pay tithes ? Do you think He will care if you’re not truly saved ? So many people think they’re saved, but when you’re saved, Christ is your life. You live for Him, you live to serve Him. That’s what it is about. It’s not about you going to church. If you’re truly a Christian, your life will bear the fruit that’s talked about in 1 John. Your life will be changed and you won’t be so proud to be worldly. It’ll hurt when you sin. Jesus says in Matthew that not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord’ to Him will make it through that narrow gate. Few find it. You need to be sure that you’re saved. If you truly are, your life will reflect the proper fruit of a Christian…”

We talked a little bit longer and he seemed to be thinking about it. Another classmate of ours that used to do secular rap is now wanting to do Christian rap since he has professed to be saved now. I told him I know quite a few Christian hip hoppers and have quite a bit of Christian hip hop and asked him to tell Cedric that he could get with me on that.

So that was my Way of the Master moment today. Ha. I pray for dude because, as I told him, he has been in WAY too many near fatal car accidents to still live his life like he does. If that were me, I’d be living scared, no lie. Prayerfully, I’ll have a chance to talk with him again about it.

It’s study time now. I have to finish Genesis 1 and 2 and John 3 and 4 tonight. I devised a little plan that will have me through the Gospels and about 3/5 of the Pentateuch within 3 months. I have a snazzy new Bible that I got for Christmas that I absolutely LOVE, thanks to my friend Larosa. It’s charcoal grey, ESV, with a ribbon marker. It’s pretty neat. It came with a card for a free resource CD:

The CD includes the ESV and King James text, the New Nave’s Topical Bible, The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, the Galatians volume of the Crossway Classic Commentaries series, Exploring the Old Testament, Exploring the New Testament, the Romans volume of the Preaching the Word series, and more.

Now that’s ‘woo hoo!’ material, lol. I’m excited about THAT coming in the mail! I’ve enjoyed underlining and making side notes in my Bible with my pretty gel pens (There goes that girliness, but those are my favorite pens E-VER). And speaking of wishlists, I just realized that I never said thank you to Scott M for sending me the John Owen book – “Death of Death in the Death of Christ”. Thank you a million and 3 times! That is truly a weighty book, but I do look forward to reading it.

Jennifer.SoloChristo: Those are my fav pens EVER
Czarina: I prefer pencil
Jennifer.SoloChristo: Ew
Czarina: Yes
Czarina: Pencils are like…
Czarina: ‘Grace’ pens
Jennifer.SoloChristo: 😐
Czarina: Let you mess up a lil bit
Jennifer.SoloChristo: Grace pens
Czarina: And as long as they’re sharp, they are guaranteed to write
Jennifer.SoloChristo: Well u have whiteout too… so you can blot out those transgressions!


Time to dig in Genesis and John. My JMac commentary, Reformation Study Bible, Trutone ESV Bible, notebook, pens, and highlighter are waiting for me.


5 thoughts on “Radical

  1. Czarina says:

    That is a great thing to speak with someone from older days or even someone close about Christ. Especially if they have not seen you in a while and can notice a significant change. What a boost in faith!

    I hope as well that you can speak with your friend again Jenn. And oh yeah, do not hate on the grace pens. 🙂

  2. LaRosa says:

    I’m glad you got an opportunity to witness to your friend. Like I told you on IM, WOTM really gets ya motivated to share the gospel with people. More so, I’m glad his heart was open and receptive to the things you were saying, and I will keep him in prayer that he might come to put his faith in Christ.

    Also, it puts a smile on my face to know that you’re enjoying your new Bible so much. Actually that blue one you posted a picture of is the exact same one that is sitting on my desk here @ work. I’ll continue to pray for your discipline in studying the Scriptures. Speaking of which, I need to buy a new notebook so that I can start getting in-depth again like I used to. I could do it on the computer in my bible software, but at times I guess that just feels too cumbersome. Oh well… enough about me.

    And LOL @ the girlie gel pens… I can’t imagine a Bible with bright markings all throughout, but I’m sure it looks pretty cute. I pray that you keep that zeal for the Scripts & things of the Lord. I’m out!

    soli deo gloria! chea!


  3. Asia says:

    Great that you got a chance to witness. God Bless you sis.

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t like “grace” pens…Sorry Rina…that’s all I wanted to say…lol

  5. Jenn - Little Rock, AR says:

    I just wanted to drop a line to say that I think it’s awesome the way you go out and witness. You’re right! Not a lot of people want to actually do what needs to be done for the kingdom or for their life. They’re proud to be “worldly”. It blesses me with testimonies like that! It’s a matter of time before you walk totally in your ministry. Have a blessed day in the Lord!

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