Michael’s Viewpoint

You know what Eve’s greatest problem was? It wasn’t just that she ate the apple (EDIT: ‘Uhh, Mike, it wasn’t an apple. The Bible never says apple’, ‘I know it wasn’t an apple, sis; my bad’) . It was that she desired to know more than God was willing to allow her to understand. God told Adam and Eve that they could eat of any tree in the garden except for one. He told them the consequence of eating it, but it was her desire to be like God that caused her to fall, and then subsequently so did Adam. She wanted to know something that God was not willing to let her know at that time.

Some things of God are hard to understand and wrap our minds around. The Trinity is one of them. You’re right, it’s soooo not human. When dealing with God, we have to understand that though we were made to be like Him, He is NOTHING like us. He is transcendently greater. He is an uncreated being, while we are created beings. Our knowledge is finite, while His mind is infinite.

It is God’s holiness that sets Him apart from us. Most people consider holiness as “sinlessness” and “perfection.” That goes into His holiness, but that is more in line with His righteousness. Righteousness and holiness are a bit different. All of the attributes of God are what makes Him holy. Paul Washer once referred to it as the “otherness” of God. He’s not like us, just bigger. He’s NOTHING like us.

Which is more closely like God? A cherubim in heaven, or bacteria floating around in your bathtub? Most would say the cherubim of course. But in reality, NEITHER is like Him. He is completely “other.” There is NONE like Him…at all.

The Trinity is a tough one. But so is believing that God existed before anything was. It’s all a matter of faith. We have to believe what God said is true. The Trinity is clearly presented in the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. Just imagine if we knew EVERYTHING that God knows. Then, we’d be omnipotent and God wouldn’t be so “other” anymore.

Michael A. (The Expositor)


2 thoughts on “Michael’s Viewpoint

  1. Michael says:

    I guess I was not being theologicallycorrect.com enough for you…LOL

  2. Don’t be hatin’, Expositor Gets Lost.

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