Christ in the Movies + Updates

Do you think that the way that Jesus is portrayed in the media is damaging ? It may cause someone to see this tall, flaxen haired / brunette, model type man with long, flowing hair everytime they think of Jesus. It seems that, no matter the movie, no matter the producer, Jesus is always portrayed the same way. From the TBN movies to Hollywood to Passion of the Christ, He always looks pretty much the same.

Do you think that this portrayal can damage someone’s thinking when it comes to Christ ?

I ask this because I am about to watch PotC right now and well, the question came to mind.


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One thought on “Christ in the Movies + Updates

  1. Lawrence says:

    I feel the way that Christ is portrayed is only damaging to those who alreay have that hang up about race. Yeah, Christ is described a certain way in Revelation, but the message is more important than the image. But that’s just my opinion on January 22nd 2007 at 7:51 in th am, I might feel differently later on. God bless.

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