Confessionism / Your Best Life

Confessionism: The Misuse of 1 John 1:9

Do you believe that you must confess every known sin to God?
For many years earlier in my ministry, I made statements such as the following:
In order to be restored to fellowship with God and to be filled with the Spirit you must confess every known sin to God.
What am I to think of such instructions now?
Sadly, this teaching adds a layer of requirement for our forgiveness not intended by God. And it may lead to confusion and sanctification troubles for the believer if taken seriously.
Excerpt from the article written by Jim Elliff

Also on Jim’s site, check out the review of Joel Osteen’s ‘Your Best Life Now’ (A Critical Review of Your Best Life Now). Aligning the writings in the book with Scripture, Daryl Wingerd does a great job of examining where the book stands when compared with the Holy Word of God. The last paragraph of the review is a summary of Wingerd’s thoughts:

I have no desire, nor the time, to review every self-help book that goes into print these days. But books like this one justify the time spent. Your Best Life Now is dangerous because in it, Joel Osteen tries to harmonize the unbiblical tenets of self-help, self-esteem psychology with the teaching of the Bible. While so many professing Christians actually believe Osteen’s message is from the Bible alone, the Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication data, listed on the copyright page ofYour Best Life Now, recognizes it for what it truly is: “Self-actualization (Psychology)—Religious aspects—Christianity.” It is fitting, I might add, that “Christianity” was mentioned last.

Any attempt to blend biblical truth with modern psychology is doomed to failure. In the end result, as in Joel Osteen’s book, truth will always find itself excluded from the resulting doctrines. Light will not, and indeed cannot dwell with darkness.


Both links are well worth checking out with an open mind and open Bible.

Soli DEO Gloria.


One thought on “Confessionism / Your Best Life

  1. Keziah says:

    Tim Challies wrote about the game that was made from this book: Joel Osteen is leading so many people astray with his teaching.

    If you read the post, scroll down the comments to the end where Michaela invents TULIP: The Game – inspired stuff!

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