Homophobic Country Western Singer


Christians have become infuriated over a recent skit that aired on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” featuring a character titled “the homophobic country western singer.”

The latest controversy comes from an introduction made by Conan O’Brien and the lyrics of a created homophobic character.

“Our last new character’s heart is in the right place, even if he’s a complete idiot,” said show host O’Brien in his introduction. “Please welcome…the homophobic country western singer.”

The character then went on to sing: “Oh I love you Jesus, but only as a friend. You touched my heart but I hope that’s where the touchin’ ends. You’re always lookin’ over me when I need a higher power. But you better look at somethin’ else when I’m in the shower.”

In a letter written to NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly, Scott argued, “I notice the song was not about a Rabbi. I notice the song was not about Buddha. I notice the song was not about Muhammad. If it had been about any of these, the network would surely have disallowed the airing of such garbage. But since the song was about Jesus Christ, nothing was done.”

To eliminate these kinds of occurrences, Scott has urged Christians to speak out. He said part of the problem is that Christians are too timid in these matters.

“It is time for this kind of behavior to come to a halt. Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other groups do not tolerate such prejudice. Christians should not have to do so, either.”


4 thoughts on “Homophobic Country Western Singer

  1. Well, I certainly don’t want to sound paranoid, but it does seem at times that only group left that one may make sport of is the evangelical Christian.

    It’s ironic that Christians are often the ones labeled as insensitive and/or judgmental.

    What’s up with that irony?

  2. Jason Atkins says:

    My guess is that it is because EVERYONE is a christian. So it’s ok to make fun of something that EVERYONE is.

    matthew 7:21-23


  3. But that’s just it.

    What they portray to do in such a way that even professing Christians find themselves wanting to distance from it.

    Sometimes this is good, like back in the day when Geraldo would have the whacked out White Supremacists on his show making donkeys out of themselves (sounds different in the King James English). I think that help people to see how hateful and foolish racism was, in the extreme to be sure, but folks want to distance from that stuff at all.

    But, we don’t want Christians to distance from who they are when their faith is caricatured. We don’t want them to hide their allegiance to Christ which may show up in faithfulness to truth or moral standards of conduct.

  4. Austin Green says:

    wow yea thats ridiculous.
    but somethin tells me that even if Christians spoke out, it wouldnt do any good anyway, but im not sure… the nation is going under, God will get his vengeance when the time comes.

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