How many ?

How many of us do our research on various denominations before we denounce their faith in Christ ?

How many of us actually search for ourselves to gain knowledge instead of reading apologetics sites, books, and going off of hearsay, experiences, etc. ?

There is no perfect denomination or belief set under the umbrella of Christianity.

I just wanted to say, before we get on our soapboxes and say ‘these people’ believe ‘this doctrine’, research THEIR resources instead of sites that you KNOW will help you refute them and give you more ammo. Don’t look for resources that agree with you.

And then, when you have come to an EDUCATED conclusion, speak.

Christ alone.


One thought on “How many ?

  1. Rick says:

    That’s a great point. I find myself doing that very thing too much of the time. I have a cousin who’s a Muslim, and although he doesn’t have the heart-knowledge that comes with Christianity, he knows the Christian Bible as well if not better than I do.

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