All I have in You is more than enough

It’s 33 degrees, windy, and raining outside. My phone is off. No music is playing. I’m not at work. The internet’s down. It’s one of those days when you just want to be in complete silence. And that’s what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll curl up with a good book (or two… or the Good Book) and get some reading done. And although the ‘net is down, I figured – Hey, why not write a blog for later ? So that is what I am doing.

I’ve acquired new treasures lately – Handel’s entire Messiah on 2 CDs (yes!) and 4 new books. 4!? Yes – 4. Thank God for Half Price Books and Hidden Treasures. Added to my collection are On Being Black and Reformed (Anthony J. Carter), Know Who You Believe: The Magnificent Connection (Paul E. Little), Saved Without A Doubt (John MacArthur), and What’s in the Bible (Sproul and Wolgemuth). I’m really excited about Handel. As soon as I got home Sunday night, I popped it in my CD player and listened for hours… even fell asleep to it one night. It’s one of the many beautiful pieces of classical music I grew up hearing. Thankfully, my mother’s musical tastes were diverse, so we heard everything from Tchaikovsky to Michael Jackson to Shirley Ceasar to Santana to Prince to Peaches and Herb. That would explain why, even now, I LOVE to hear old school gospel, the string manipulating sounds of Prince and Santana, and Mozart.

Last night, my Crown Tail Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) received a female companion. I don’t know if that was a mistake or not. In the same aquarium (Why do I keep wanting to say ‘cage’ !?!), there are 2 black mollies (male and female) and 2 red swordtails (male and female) so Hannibal was allll by himself. Now, he has a companion, Bella, and I am wondering if I should have done that. The once docile Hannibal, the one that used to swim off to himself in corners in between the plants, has now become aggressive! He AND Bella! When I first put Bella in the aquarium, he followed her around, puffing his gills out and making his fins stand up. She, of course, ran from him. I wondered if this was some kind of strange Betta Splendens mating ritual. I came to check on them a little later and saw that he was doing the same thing to the OTHER fish! THEN when I check LATER, SHE WAS DOING THE SAME THING TO THE OTHER FISH TOO!!! What has gotten into them!? It’s funny because she’s smaller than all of the fish in the aquarium, but she’s swimming at them and puffing her gills out, and they RUN from her. Well… not run, but swim rather quickly. I woke up this morning, scared that there would be fin parts from one of my fish at the bottom of the tank, but they seem to be doing fine. My female black molly is pregnant and ready to drop soon, so hopefully, the babies (fry) will not be eaten up. Isn’t it comedy that baby fish are called fry? 🙂

I was making a CD of sermons and such for my best friend yesterday and suddenly realized something about the software that I use – Nero Burning. I was then somewhat disgusted by the insensitivity of the title. Nero was an emperor who burned and persecuted Christians. Interesting things happen when you pay attention to the details.

Well, time to lay back down. Head hurts and I am still exhausted. My body is angry with me, I think. It’s sure acting like it is. And my net is working somewhat so I will post this while it is up.

Before I leave, I have some prayer requests.
» My friend Ken – Had surgery yesterday, but hasn’t told me what was wrong. Please pray for his complete healing, his relationship with the Father, and comfort.
» My friend Torey – A true knowledge of God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. A desire to know what the Word of God says in its entirety.
» My family – Their salvation. I pray that the Lord causes them to question their very beliefs and existence.
» Myself – I want to become more passionate about the Lord and His Word, more knowledgeable, more dedicated. I ALWAYS want to be this way. I don’t want to ever reach a point where I feel I am passionate / knowledgeable / dedicated enough.

Have a God glorifying day, ladies and gentlemen.

Christ alone,


2 thoughts on “All I have in You is more than enough

  1. I am listening to Handel’s Messiah RIGHT now! I love it and I love singing it! I’ve sung in the choir for it and I would love to sing the soprano solo some day. Can you believe that Handel wrote it in just a few days?

  2. Li'l Brother LENZ says:

    You know, when ever I look at the Nero software, I ALWAYS thought about the emperor, but I NEVER put the mental connection with the burning of Rome. Hazzah!!

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