The Greatest Story

A soul incapacitated by sinful flesh
Daily given a chance to start afresh
By Yeshua who saw so fit to elect me
The Sacrificial Lamb slain as the Fee
Blood purchased, atoned by Your sacrifice
So that this depraved sinner might have life
What great humility and perfect obedience
Died for me inspite of this doer of deviance
And though men attempt to deny Your essence
Your deity and reign will never lose precedence
Your power, Your might will never lose value
Your saints long for the day when tongues publically confess You
And bow down to the most Holy King of Kings – the Christ
Behold, You’ll come like a thief in the night
And those who denied you will cower in fright
For they will not rejoice like we’ll do with leaping
But they will partake in teeth gnashing and weeping
For your election, we’re thankful, washed of our mire
Eternal security with You, no lake of fire
The process of Salvation – what a beautiful thing
One day, in unison, will Your people sing
Holy is the Lamb, the earth is filled with His Glory
Til then, we serve as agents in the Greatest Story



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