The city of brotherly love

In about 5 hours, I will be headed to the airport to catch a 3 hour flight to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for 6 days of fellowship, fun, friendship, and more. I don’t like flying. I don’t like planes, but… I know God. I trust God. I have been ‘working on packing’ for the past few hours. I can say that one suitcase is filled with jeans, shirts, and more. I have a few more things to pack – a jacket, shoes, all my hygiene / personal items, accessories, etc. I am so excited. My stomach is a breeding grounds for butterflies right now.

My flight leaves at 7:20a and arrives in Philly at about 10:15. About 3 hours. I have to make sure I pack some good reading material and music. I’m definitely taking the 2 books I’ve been reading lately – What Is Reformed Theology by R.C. Sproul and The Pleasures of God by John Piper. I would love to take my whole CD collection as well, but truth be told, it’s WAY too huge. I have to load up the Itunes on my Motorola Slvr and pick out some good CDs.

Gosh, I can’t believe I am flying somewhere. I am 26 and this is only the 3rd time in my LIFE. I’m excited though (but nervous). I am VERY much looking forward to being at First Friday Fundamentals. Gosh. Praise God for even having opportunities like this with His people!

I may also get a chance to visit a school I am looking into – Philadelphia Biblical University. And I get to see my sis Tiffany as well, which is a joy. I haven’t seen her since she moved there in September, so… I’m just going to have a wonderful vacation in Philly.

With that said, please pray that I have a safe flight there and a safe flight back on Thursday the 6th. Please also pray that God is most definitely glorified in all that is done.


8 thoughts on “The city of brotherly love

  1. Smoke. says:

    You. IN AIRPORT RIGHT NOW. Me. Getting ready for work. YOU. Going to Philly, the Epicenter of Gospel Rap. ME. Getting ready….. for work … LOL … HAVE FUN! 🙂

  2. HizRareJewl says:

    Hey J,
    email me or hit me up on myspace when you get into Philly. I am only 20 minutes from Philly. Maybe we can link up sometime. Let me know.


  3. Czarina says:

    Have a great time in Philly Jenn! Its going to be weird not typing my fingers off late at night with you on Yahoo!

    Maybe I might get some sleep.

    Love ya sis!


  4. Da Messenga says:

    What’s good!

    Eat a cheese steak w/ mushrooms, fried onions, salt pepper and ketchup for me!!! I’m from Philly and get homesick sometimes fam!!!1

  5. Keziah says:

    Sounds like an exciting weekend. Hope the flight goes okay – I’ll pray for you. I love flying but I can appreciate being scared of something, even if others find it daft! For me, it is spiders – yes, yes, I know they are little but they can run at you! Urgh, feel a little queasy just thinking about them! 😉

  6. Ndidi says:

    Have a great time in Philly!!!!! And ummm….I wish I had the flight record you had. I hate flying…been flying solo since I was 8. Aargh.

  7. Asia says:

    Wow you went to PBU, I went there too from an overnight visit. I am applying there. I REALLY like the school at frist PBU was not my first choice but going to the overnight visit change my mind. I LOVE PBU. I love the classes, they are the best. I hope I get accpted.

  8. Gloria says:

    Have fun, girl. Wish I could go. You’ll be in my prayers as always.

    In Christ.

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