To thine ownself be true?

It always bothers me when I hear fellow believers saying things like, “Well you know the Word says God helps those who help themselves” and “You can’t be so heavenly minded that you’re not any earthly good” (Jesus was heavenly minded DEFINITELY, so what ?). Here’s an informative link that discusses various sayings that people use that are not found in the Scriptures.

Sayings Not Found in Scripture


3 thoughts on “To thine ownself be true?

  1. Chris Reid says:

    Hey! Glad to see the site back up!
    This blog is quite interesting. You’re right – there are a lot of sayings that are used regularly, but not found in scripture. Oh yeah, they forgot "God don’t like ugly!" LOL!!!!!!!

  2. I loved this. I use blue letter bible quite a bit. They have some good Matthew Henry commentaries as well.

  3. Asia says:

    Wow sis thanks for that. I try to tell someone about the three wise men (we don’t know actually how many there were) but they didn’t beileve me. It crazy show that we need to read our Bible more inorder to tell if it is the Bible.

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