The dreaded Christian table

I had an up-close and extremely personal view that night of how many people see American Christians. I hate to admit that my co-workers were right when they told me the ?Church table? would be one of the most frustrating things I would encounter at my job. Now, because of the way my colleagues have been treated Sunday after Sunday, their hearts have been hardened to the message of Christ. I?m fortunate that I came to the truth earlier in my life and have the realization that not all who call themselves Christians actually follow the principles of Christ, or for that matter have any clue whatsoever what those principles are. So now every Sunday, I witness the painful, spiritual deaths of my friends because those who are supposed to be saved treat them worse than those who have never even heard the message of Christ. If we don?t begin to love those whose job it is to serve, then the casualty rate on the front lines of the American Church will continue to grow.


One thought on “The dreaded Christian table

  1. This is true. It hurts me to see the affect that "Church folk" have had on people. The TRUE Christians need to step up even more, and teach others to be real, so that this world can get a glimpse of what Christ has to offer for this world.

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